XM Tech
XM Tech provides a complete service for the study, designing and construction of models and moulds, truly remarkable for their hig tehnological level.

The productive facilities, grown through the years thanks to sustained investments, is able to turn out models and moulds for every demand. XM Tech collaborates with the most important manufacturers in the design/furnishing, medical, wellness, fitness, nautical, automotive, motorcycle and lighting sectors. It also supports the foundation of "Città Della Speranza" together with other companies that are part of the XMC GROUP.

XM Tech company
XM Tech company
The XM Tech technical department is able to provide technical-aesthetic solutions for the most diverse of products.

By collaborating directly with the client we can develop the project from its initial stage, from a rapid sketch or from a presentation rendering, through to the full implementation of the prototype and finally to the production mould. Throughout these stages we support the client with our experience in product development. Design or co-design derived from the initial idea, mock-up 3D scans and ensuing reverse engineering, development of executive engineering formulas for the implementation of moulds, these are but a few examples of the different work stages that get lined up after a careful analysis of the project, of the costs and of the implementation timings.

XM Tech technical office
XM Tech 3D scanner
The structured-light 3D scanner allows the shapes of variedobjects to be acquiredwithout physical contactbeing needed.

The collected data gets reprocessed to provide a full 3D file which can be re-utilised in CAD software platforms for reverse engineering, directly on CNC milling machines or with 3D printers.

XM Tech is on the market as a provider of die castings of any shape and size, assuring optimal delivery times.

The finished die castparts will be used in the sectors of thermo-moulding, skimming and rotomoulding.

XM Tech foundry
Machine park
Machine park
Machine park
Machine park
Machine park
Machine park
Machine park: high speed CNC machines

5 Axis - X = 4500 mm; Y = 2500 mm; Z = 1000 mm
3 Axis - X = 1700 mm; Y = 700 mm; Z = 820 mm
5 Axis - X = 4500 mm; Y = 2500 mm; Z = 1500 mm
5 Axis - X = 2000 mm; Y = 2000 mm; Z = 1000 mm
5 Axis - X = 5000 mm; Y = 3600 mm; Z = 2000 mm
5 Axis - X = 2500 mm; Y = 2000 mm; Z = 1000 mm
3 Axis - X = 1150 mm; Y = 510 mm; Z = 700 mm
5 Axis - X = 8000 mm; Y = 4000 mm; Z = 2000 mm