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We provide a complete service for the study, designing, realization and construction of models and moulds. The productive structure, grown over the years thanks to sustained investments, is able to realize models and moulds for every need.
We collaborate with leading manufacturers in the design/furnishing, medical, wellness, fitness, nautical, automotive, motorcycle and lighting sectors.

Our Machines park

Reliable and precise machines

CNC Machine High Speed

5 Axis 5 Axis 5 Axis 3 Axis
X = 10000 mm
Y = 4000 mm
Z = 2000 mm
X = 5000 mm
Y = 3600 mm
Z = 2000 mm
X = 4500 mm
Y = 2500 mm
Z = 1500 mm
X = 1700 mm
Y = 700 mm
Z = 820 mm
5 Axis 5 Axis 5 Axis 3 Axis
X = 4500 mm
Y = 2500 mm
Z = 1000 mm
X = 2500 mm
Y = 2000 mm
Z = 1000 mm
X = 2000 mm
Y = 2000 mm
Z = 1000 mm
X = 1150 mm
Y = 510 mm
Z = 700 mm

CNC Machine High Speed

4/5 Axis
D. Max = 220 mm


D. Max = 300 mm

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Our departments

Techincal Design

We use these programs

Our departments

Casting Dept

One of the most important levers of XM Tech is the in-house foundry which guarantee fast delivery times. The finished castings are used in various fields covering the whole mould sector in the various production technologies.

Our departments

Milling Dept

We guarantee a high quality level in milling performance with the latest generation of 5-axis milling cutters.

The continuous updates and investments in software and machines guarantee the best results in a short time bringing efficiency and quality to the first place.

Our departments

3D Scanning

The structured-light 3D scanner allows the shapes of varied objects to be acquired without physical contact being needed.The collected data gets re-processed to provide a full 3D file which can be re-utilised in CAD software platforms for reverse engineering, directly on CNC milling machines or with 3D printers.

Il gruppo

XMC Group

XM Tech è parte di XMC Group, un network di aziende attive in diversi settori merceologici, ma unite da una filosofia comune e da un forte spirito di gruppo.

Le aziende di XMC Group credono nella forza della collaborazione come motore di business e nella solidarietà come motore di vita. Le aziende parte di XMC Group sono XM Tech, Salix, Margraf, Teraplast, Tera, Daint, EcamRicert e Smart Future.

I membri del gruppo XMC

Margraf, Industria Marmi
Gadoi, Oli Essenziali
Allutex Metal Casting
Miti In Italy Group

Smartfuture, Emerge Innovate
Salix, Nutriceutical Thinking
Teraplast, Made In Italy
Ecam Ricert
Venetian Heritage Cluster
Università Degli Studi Di

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