A strong mission

Challenge accepted

We are used to considering our professional challenges as something that only involves us. We were rarely, very rarely, asked to share these challenges with our team or our leader. We have always felt that this approach was unnatural.

This is why, when we thought of a new vision for our brand, we decided to consider challenges as something that starts with you, with your projects and your problems. We are here to accept these challenges, to become a part of your team to overcome them: together.

Our strength

Why should you choose XM Tech? We’ll give you 4 reasons:


We believe in the value of flexibility to offer the best solution at the right time. There are no ready-made solutions or fixed mindsets: we must be fluid, adaptive and flexible.


We are problem solvers. No matter the challenge we will have to face, we will be your partner by working together.


We strongly believe that an energized and motivated team is essential to face challenges. Our team at XM Tech has the courage it takes to transform every project into reality.

Custom products

The first stage in every project is listening to your needs, your plans, your dreams. We can experiment or play it safe, but always according to your wishes.


Socially committed

We want to work well in the company to give back this value to those who need it. This is why we support worthy organizations in our territory.

One more reason

Città della Speranza

XM Tech supports Fondazione Città della Speranza (City of Hope Foundation), founded in 1994 following the initiative of Franco Masello. The Foundation’s primary goal was to raise funds to build a modern new paediatric onco-haematology department in the hospital of Padua.

Today, the Paediatric Onco-haematology Clinic is connected to the most important Italian and international clinics, and it has become the Italian reference centre for children’s oncological diseases thanks to the funding provided by Città della Speranza.

After building the clinic, the Foundation continued its commitment. The Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica Città della Speranza (City of Hope Paediatric Research Institute), its latest major work, was inaugurated in 2012: with its 17.500 square meters and 250 researchers, it is Europe’s largest research centre on children’s diseases. The Institute’s primary objective is to become an international reference centre and a centre of excellence for the research and treatment of oncological diseases and all illnesses affecting children.

Where do we start?

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