A strong mission

Challenge accepted

We have been induced to think of our professional challenges as something of our own. Sometimes, occasionally, we have been asked to share these challenges with our team, or with our leader.

It always seemed strange, unnatural.

That’s why, when we thought of a new vision for our brand, we thought the challenges are something that start from you, from your projects, from your problems.
We are here to accept them, these challenges, to become part of your team and to win them: together.

Our strength

Why XM Tech? We give you 4 reasons


We believe in the value of flexibility, to offer the right solution at the right time. There are no pre-packaged solutions, or blocked mental schemes: we have to be fluid, adaptive, flexible.


We are problem solvers. Whatever it is the challenge to face, do it together will be our way of being partners.


We are convinced that a strong and motivated team is essential to face the challenges. The XM Team has the courage to make every project real.

Custom products

The first part of each of our projects is listening: to your needs, your projects, your dreams. We experiment or we go on the safe side, but always according to your aim.


Socially committed

Do well in the company, to return this value to those who need it.
This is why we support worthy organizations in our territory.

Social commitment

The City of Hope

XM Tech supports “Città della Speranza”, founded in 1994 by Franco Masello. The Foundation assumed the main objective of collecting funds to build a new and modern oncohematology pediatric department in Padova hospital.

Today, the Clinic of Pediatric Oncohematology is connected with the most important Italian and international centers working on pediatric oncohematology. It is the National Centre for the diagnosis of acute leukemia, and the molecular characterization of lymphoma and sarcoma in children.

Finally, as the most recent endeavor, in June 2012 the Institute of Pediatric Research (IRP) Città della Speranza was inaugurated in Padova: with 17.500 sm and 250 researchers this is the largest European research center of oncological diseases and all diseases affecting children.

Where do we start?

Tell us about your project in this short form. We will contact you immediately.