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Grana Padano


The Grana Padano project was a delicious challenge: the request we received saw us start from a real grana cheese wheel, to reproduce it using the rotational technology with a more than 4 mt mould.


We decided to approach this challenge in a direct and concrete way, even though we were aware of the risks and criticalities that it could bring.

First we did a scanning and modelling job, which lasted weeks, then we moved to a scaled model ready for the foundry.

The greatest difficulty was to reproduce every single stroke of the inscriptions and cut them out on the cast aluminum mold.

Using our foundry, and the more than 30 years experience of its team, we cast 2 half-shells with a single casting of more than 800 kg: we put into production rotomoulded products of more than 250 kg.

Grana Padano

The Grana Padano project was a delicious challenge: the request we received saw...

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