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Shell Challenge


After the success of the first edition of the Shell Marathon, we decided to contribute to the development of the new inner shell of the electrically powered vehicle. It would no longer be created through the traditional process of manually laying carbon fibres down and subsequently drying them, but rather from a milled CNC model/mould in aluminium, with autoclave process.


We created the mould by milling an oversized polyurethane model. Then, we obtained an aluminium skin (casting), which we re-milled as per definitive mathematical file that was studied and modelled through CATIA with modelling in class-A surfaces. After manufacturing the internal shape, we milled the TRIM line in continuous 5-axis cycles to be cut after the autoclave moulding.

The innovative content of the manufacturing of the 2014/15 shell represents practically 80% of the project.

Usually, carbon moulds are made of high-density resins or block aluminium; in this project we combined various technologies.

The result was beyond expectations and all the partners of the project were delighted, including industry leaders who work closely with the main Moto GP and Formula One teams. The next step was the development of the upper part of the mono-shell, which gave lightness, sturdiness and design to the vehicle: a winning product.

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